Barley Rye Choir

I hope this will enable you to get started, and familiarise yourself with the choir's songs.

Here are the scores for 12 songs. There are additional songs in the repertoire that will be sung unaccompanied. Note that these scores are what the choir sings - the musicians may end up playing something slightly different, but I hope we can work that out later. Click on a file to view in a web page, then save it to download it if you wish. In some songs, the arrangement has evolved a bit, and there may be pauses etc which are not marked on the score. Also, I don't work well with bass clef, so every line is in treble clef. Sorry about that!

If you want to hear sound files of Cathy and me singing a verse of the song, or a particular part, go to the 'Resources-Winter Songs' page of this site and click a sound file from the list.

As I sat on a Sunny Bank

Arrangement for Sunny Bank: The verses for this are quite short. I imagine the musicians playing the tune, then the choir singing a verse, then musicians play through a verse and so on. Towards the end there are 2 places where the choir whistles. We are hoping the flute will play a little trill at these points! 

SCORE SunnyBank.pdf SCORE SunnyBank.pdf
Size : 24.642 Kb
Type : pdf
Awake and Join the Cheerful Choir
SCORE AwakeJoinCheerfulChoir.pdf SCORE AwakeJoinCheerfulChoir.pdf
Size : 25.392 Kb
Type : pdf
Ding Dong Merrily on High
SCORE Ding dong2016.pdf SCORE Ding dong2016.pdf
Size : 33.588 Kb
Type : pdf
Dunster Carol
SCORE dunster carol.pdf SCORE dunster carol.pdf
Size : 24.309 Kb
Type : pdf
Halsway Carol

The tune for this song is called the Halsway Schottische, and is usually played quite briskly, in AABB format. The song is slower and is AAB. I imagine each sung verse would be separated by an instrumental B

SCORE Halsway Carol.pdf SCORE Halsway Carol.pdf
Size : 35.289 Kb
Type : pdf
Harky Harky
SCORE harky harky.pdf SCORE harky harky.pdf
Size : 34.163 Kb
Type : pdf
The Holly and the Ivy
SCORE holly and ivy2018.pdf SCORE holly and ivy2018.pdf
Size : 23.536 Kb
Type : pdf
I wonder as I wander
SCORE wonder as I wander.pdf SCORE wonder as I wander.pdf
Size : 38.219 Kb
Type : pdf
We wish you a merry Christmas
SCORE merry christmas.pdf SCORE merry christmas.pdf
Size : 28.557 Kb
Type : pdf
The Nailsbourne Beasties' Song
SCORE Nailsbourne Beasts' Song.pdf SCORE Nailsbourne Beasts' Song.pdf
Size : 25.984 Kb
Type : pdf
O'er Earthly Plains
SCORE o'er earthly plains.pdf SCORE o'er earthly plains.pdf
Size : 27.534 Kb
Type : pdf
Sans Day Carol
SCORE SansDayCarol.pdf SCORE SansDayCarol.pdf
Size : 27.718 Kb
Type : pdf

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