Barley Rye Choir

Recorded live Sept 2018 at Pensford Village Hall...

midsummer fair.mp3

bird that was trapped.mp3

cob a coalin.mp3


These songs are part of our summer repertoire and were recorded live at the parish church in Winford, North Somerset, July 2016. Thanks are due to Alan Clark, (the church warden) for letting us in, and Fergus Pateman for recording us so patiently. 

Click one of the tune titles to listen to the choir: 

Who Killed Cock Robin: an old and mysterious song that we sometimes use as a musical quiz

Cock Robin.mp3

Hal an Tow: a song that is sung as part of the May Day celebrations in Helston, Cornwall. We got our inspiration from the Watersons, who recorded it for their 1965 LP 'Frost and Fire'

Hal an Tow.mp3

I Beg your leave fine gentlemen: a song that we use to accompany our summer mummers play 'Robin Hood and the Curtal Friar'

I beg your leave fine gentlemen.mp3

Pill Pill I love thee still: One of the first songs the choir learned, back in 2000, and one of the early hits from Adge Cutler, who recorded his first LP (including Pill Pill) at the Royal Oak pub in Nailsea in 1967

Pill Pill I love thee still.mp3

The First of May:We first heard this song when John Kirkpatrick sang it on his village hall tour of the South West in about 2012. We have harmonised it and altered it quite a bit from the original, and now sometimes use the tune with completely different words to suit a particular performance. John thinks the song came from the Bedfordshire collector Fred Hamer, who published it in the EFDSS journal in 1961

The First of May.mp3

Who's the fool now: This song about the degradation of drink, was first published in 1609, as the master drinks from the can and tells tall stories, and his servant mocks him while drinking from a cup. This song and others like it gives singers in the choir a chance to sing solo, and thus develop their style.

Who's The Fool Now.mp3

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